Giuliana Rancic on creating clean a skincare line for cancer patients


Breast cancer survivor Giuliana Rancic produced a skin care line called Fountain of Truth to help cancer clients keep a “tidy” beauty routine.

She continued,” [After my medical diagnosis], I was making a great deal of modifications to my life, and among them was what I was placing on my skin and body, so I set out to produce a tidy skin care line that also works.”

A year later, the business has actually promised $100,000 to Breast Cancer Research and FAB-U-WISH, a program that grants desires to women undergoing breast cancer treatment.

Rancic included, “It’s just great to utilize something that’s luxurious that works, but is tidy and safe. For me, October is a month of excitement, to be quite honest, and a chance to use my platform and voice even more to get the word out.”

“I was 36 when I was diagnosed,” Rancic, now 47, told Page Six at the Pink Agenda Gala in New York last week. “I was a young female, completely healthy, no household history.”

“I was 36 when I was identified,” Rancic, now 47, informed Page Six at the Pink Agenda Gala in New York last week.”We’re one of the sponsors of this occasion,” Rancic informed us. Fountain of Truth is offered at Ulta Beauty stores nationwide and on HSN.

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